It isn't about never being angry or upset, but about how much we hold on to such restless emotions.
- "The Restful Mind", by His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa

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Article The RIGSS Dialogue | Transform ...

Transformation: Values, Spirituality, and Progress

Transformat ...

Teaching Buddha Amitabha (Sangay Yuepam ...

This teaching on the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha given by Gyalwa Dokhampa will touch upon - the sufferings in the six realms, why do we want to be born in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, how this practice helps us prepare and guide us during the time of death, important things to remember at the time of death, conditions to take rebirth in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, benefits ...

Article Wisdom: Enlightenment without ...

Dakini is the wisdom or emptiness aspect of enlightenment. It does not refer only to the feminine forms. It is the wisdom that eliminates the five poisons caused by the ego, such as desires, anger, ignorance, pride and doubt. Everyone, male and female has this aspect of enlightenment. The skilful method is represented by the male energy, which is the other aspect of enlightenment. Wisd ...

“Reality isn't a fixed thing; it is created through our perceptions and our beliefs"

~ Gyalwa Dokhampa

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THE RESTFUL MIND by Gyalwa Dokhampa

Episode 25 talks about the potential in all of us to be divine or devil, how respect and loyalty are a two-way street, how appreciation and letting go are essential to happiness, and how we learn history but forget the emotions o ...

Homage of the Dragons

As a part of the “Homage of the Dragons - A Pilgrimage led by the Masters of the Dragon (Drukpa) Order”, His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa will be leading a pilgrimage to Bhunter, Garsha and Rewalsar (Tsho Pema) between September ...

The Path of the Dragon Yogis Retreat ...

The focus of the retreat is to ensure that one will understand the general essence of the Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhism. The retreat provides a more modern and interactive learning approach with an all encompa ...

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Annual Tara Retreat 2024
02 Feb 2024 -to- 08 Feb 2024
Druk Ralung Shedrup Choling Monastery, Kabisa: Thimphu, Bhutan
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Nyungney - Fasting Practice
11 Jun 2023 -to- 18 Jun 2023
Druk Ralung Shedrup Choling
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Drukpa Asia Retreat 2023
02 Sep 2023 -to- 08 Sep 2023
Drukpa Kuala Lumpur Temple, Malaysia
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