About Gyalwa Dokhampa Lineage

The history and Origin of Drukpa Lineage

The Seventh Gyalwa Dokhampa Mipham Sangye Tenzin

The seventh Gyalwa Dokhampa was born in 1908 in the Nangchen region of Tibet. At the age of six he was enthroned by Thuchen Choekyi Gyamtso. He received manay teachings from the many great masters of his time, not only from the Drukpa Lineage but also from Nyingmapa School. Situ Chokyi Gyatso conferred upon him the lineage of this school. The seventh Gyalwa Dokhampa’s life was an example of perfect simplicity and detachment from worldly concerns. He kept strict moral precepts and was always very loving and full of compassion. He died at young age of 21.